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Welcome to the OSC ARMSTRONG Client Portal.

If you have an OSC HPC Account and do not have an ARMSTRONG account, please visit https://armstrong.osc.edu/account/confirm_osc.php to get started. If you have an existing HPC account, you will need to authenticate the account first and then setup your ARMSTRONG account.

Once you have created a unique ARMSTRONG user name and password, you will be able to administer all of your HPC Accounts in addition to the following features: adding and removing authorized users (if you are a PI or Co-PI), reviewing system usage, receiving HPC system service notifications, posting publications, searching grant opportunities, accessing training opportunities, and meeting other OSC clients to collaborate and partner on research projects and proposals.

If you do not have an OSC HPC account and want to use ARMSTRONG, please click here to request an OSC partner account. Partner accounts can access grant and training opportunities and collaborate with other clients. Account authorization of OSC partner accounts can take up to two business days.

Please be advised that you cannot submit HPC jobs through this portal or access the supercomputing systems at this time. For more information on accessing our HPC systems, please visit http://www.osc.edu/supercomputing/computing/



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