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Introduction to High Performance Computing (presented at Cleveland State University) (OSC Workshop)
Date : 09/18/2013 - 9AM-12:30PM

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Cleveland State University, Student Center 313 & 315. Directions and a campus map may be found on CSU's website. The Student Center is roughly in the middle of CSU's campus.

New OSC users, or researchers interested in learning about OSC resources.

This two hour workshop will provide an introduction to OSC resources and how to access them.

  • High performance computing concepts.
  • Hardware and software available at OSC.
  • Getting allocations and accounts.
  • How to connect and log in.
  • How to move data on and off the systems.
  • Introduction to batch processing.
  • Storage and file systems.

Optional hands-on participation:
Participants who bring a laptop computer will be able to connect to the supercomputers during the workshop. OSU wireless is available in the seminar room. OSC workshop accounts will be provided.


Available on the main OSC webpage. Updated slides will be made available shortly before the workshop.

OSC staff will be available in the afternoon to meet with individuals or research groups to discuss your specific needs and answer questions about concerns or questions specific to your research.

Contact with questions.

If you would like to host this workshop at your location, please let us know.



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