OSC's Statewide Users Group

Owner: Mr. Ian MacConnell

Group members: 23


This group is intended for the scientists and engineers who use OSC to find interaction in the research community and want to be central to the advancement of computational methods within and between disciplines. To ensure a productive environment for research, an active Statewide Users Group (SUG) provides the director with program and policy advice. SUG meets on the second Tuesday of April, August, and December and is headed by a chairperson elected yearly from the SUG membership. The SUG has established Allocations (which will continue to meet bimonthly), Software and Activities, and Hardware and Operations standing committees to assist in providing advice and direction to the Center.

SUG Leadership

Chair, Aravind Asthagiri, asthagiri.1@osu.edu
Vice-Chair, John Herbert, herbert@chemistry.ohio-state.edu
Allocations Committee Chair, Christopher Hadad, hadad.1@osu.edu
Software Committee Chair, Rick Prairie, rick@email.uc.edu
Hardware Committe Chair, John Heimaster, jwh@mps.ohio-state.edu

Brief description: SUG

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Website: http://www.osc.edu/sug/



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